Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Week 31 - Duderstadt

So, after a long, unplanned (and unwanted) vacation from this blog, I decided to try to give it a new go.

I have now spent almost half a year in Germany as an exchange student, but a lot of things to calculate makes it hard to take time for photographing. But there is one occation when you really get time, and that is when ones family shows up and say that "we want to see some nice views around here". This weeks (or make it this half a years) photo is from the little town Duderstadt, Lower Saxony, Germany. A town known for its old city centre with a lot of old houses.

These houses are, no matter how nice they look, not the target for my photo this week. The target is rather the roof of a normal house.

Camera: Canon EOS 350D, EF-S 55-70mm
Settings: 55mm focal length, f/9, 1/160s, ISO 400

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